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    Terms and conditions

1. Customer registration and protection of personal data

Everyone interested in purchasing or more information about the offered goods and services must register see. "Registration". The customer questionnaire gives only the necessary information to close the sale or provision of services. Customer information will be used exclusively to that effect and will not be provided to third parties.

2. Order goods or services

Order goods or services is only possible by email. Telephone can goods for a certain agreed period only book, and during this time is necessary to place an order by mail. If this happens during this time the goods will be exposed to sale again.

3. Delivery of goods

Persons taking Based on the mail order customer can collect the goods personally. Date and place may be agreed by mail or telephone. Payment for goods made ??at the customer site. Price of the goods shall be the price offered on the Internet.

Mail or delivery service Before sending the goods must be paid to the seller's account or money order within seven days of order unless otherwise agreed in advance. The price of the goods will be added postage, insurance and handling. This will be determined by the size and value of goods. The cost of this service ranges from 150 to 250 CZK. Properly packaged and labeled goods will be sent to the address specified in the order respectively. the customer registration. The customer is obliged to accept the goods delivered properly and visibly damaged refuse shipment or expanded.

4. Warranty for delivered goods or services

The warranty for the delivered goods shall be governed by the Civil Code and the delivery of goods or services.
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